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O-PitApp: Collecting field data and improving your workflow!

Hello everyone!

My name is Roberto Mendes, I am 27 years old and I’m from Paços de Ferreira, a city nearby Porto. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Mining Engineering from FEUP and currently I’m an Executive Account & Mining Engineer Trainee in O-Pitblast, a company that leads the market of software for drill and blast, hardware and specialized services.

Besides being unbelievably user-friendly. O-Pitblast has the great advantage of including in its license for O-Pitblast Platform an exclusive App for Android and an website.

This App, called O-PitApp, even though it looks as if it is a simple tool, is very important in any blast optimization given the current times, with the automation of processes.

This App has the remarkable goal of bringing the real data from the field to the software, where afterwards an even more accurate optimization of the blast, that was originally designed in the O-Pitblast software, can be performed.

But then how do we get this data? All the information is shared on a cloud, O-PitCloud, which links all the different solutions in the O-Pitblast universe such as: O-PitDev, O-PitApp, O-PitAnalytics.

Figure 1: O-Pitblast Platform

After the theoretical data of the software has been sent to the Cloud, it is possible to access all projects and each individual blast through the O-PitApp. Then it is possible to start gathering data by performing Quality Assurance and Quality Control. At this stage, it is possible to visualize the blasts in a 2D view where the user can see the entire blast in their palm and add a hole that may be missing in the terrain, if necessary.

Figure 2: O-PitApp List Holes. Figure 3: O-PitApp: 2D view. Figure 4: O-PitApp: Edit Holes Info

Going into detail on each hole, the user can gather real information from each one such as its status (if the hole has been eliminated, has water presence, …), the validation of the charge (the amount of explosive per hole) and the geometric properties (depth, stemming, diameter). Whenever an error is detected, for a more specific data registry the user can always justify the changes with pre-established options or insert a comment/photo. One of the recently introduced features is the ability to automatically import layers into the software through the Drill Log and then adapt the charging setup to different conditions on the real terrain (automatic deck charging).

Figure 5: O-PitApp: Drill Log

After this data collection, returning to the software, the user can download the data and modify accordingly to adapt the blast to reality, thus achieving better and optimized results.

Then, O-PitAnalytics is the place to go for comparisons and errors that occurred during the drilling and charging operations.

O-Pitblast is not just a software, it is a set of tools that will help making your business more profitable and productive. Whatever the problem, O-Pitblast has the tools and the people with the knowledge to help you achieve your goals!

Let us know what you think about our Platform and how we can improve at or, if you prefer, contact me directly at


Roberto Mendes

O-Pitblast ®

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