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Eraldo is the person you need in every operation!

A Mining engineer from Brazil that conquer the world!

Who am I?

My name is Eraldo Florêncio, I'm a mining engineer and I graduated from the Federal University of Pernambuco in Brazil. My professional career began in 2009 when I had the opportunity to participate in an internship program at a large Spanish company that manufactures explosives for mining. Since then, I have travelled to several countries where I have had the unique opportunity to learn and contribute to safe and productive mining operations.

I have participated in several international projects, many of them very different from each other and among these I would like to mention the Panama Canal expansion project and underwater dismantling works in various countries such as Sweden, Brazil and Singapore. Given its operational difficulty, these were major challenges that I had to overcome.

Life and school journey?

Since I was a child, I have always had an affinity for science, I liked to read science magazines, watch documentaries and TV programs related to the subject, no matter if they were related to biology, physics, chemistry or mathematics. These types of subjects have always caught my attention from an early age. I attended all mandatory school grades and then I entered a technical school where I studied telecommunications. Just before finishing my technical studies, I was able to enter the engineering faculty and during the presentation of the courses I decided to attend the mining engineering course, which fascinated me due to the scale of mining operations. How did I acquire mining engineering as an interest? you may ask. Mining operations in general are grandiose, use gigantic machines, move and process large volumes of rock in order to obtain mineral concentrates. All of these helped me decide to take on mine engineering as a career, not to mention being able to virtually have a non-routine career since each project is unique and often the professional must be in the field, following the evolution of such projects.

How did I get to know O-PitBlast?

O-Pitblast is a young company with experienced professionals, with many of them having worked as engineers for more than 10 years. O-Pitblast has been growing solidly in an environment that values ​​personal development, social inclusion and teamwork. I've known the founders of O-Pitblast for years, in fact one of the partners was my colleague and friend while the other, I met him on a project in North Africa. After numerous invitations to join O-Pitblast, I finally decided to accept the kind request made by the founders and thus integrated the team.

What is it like to work with O-PitBlast?

My contribution within the company is to support the development of new projects and tailor-made solutions that meet our customer’s needs. I work with a young and talented team in a productive environment that values ​​teamwork. WATCH ERALDO GIVING A WEBINAR ABOUT MINE2MILL


Senior Technical Advisor

+55 81 8610-3717

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