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Blast KPI Control System O-Pitblast Analytics

Atualizado: 27 de nov. de 2020

One of the greatest, and old, truth in the mining world is the one present on Wipware’s slogan:

In fact, this is so real that in the majority of the reputable mines there’s a specific department for Continuous Improvements which is responsible to analyze all the KPI’s gathering process. This department has the responsibility to identify, in each mine sector – from housekeeping up to top decision positions – ways to improve the entire mining chain.

To explain Wipware’s slogan, fragmentation is the fingerprint on a crime scene performed by a blast engineer, a geologist, a mine planner, a blaster, a foreman, a driller, a drilling supervisor, …

But usually, geology is chosen as the guilty one. Shame!

This happens because gather information right after the drilling until the loading and haulage is a nightmare.

You know… the rush of blast process, the client that wants a fast job, the safety, the rain, the sun, the dust, the unpredictive events.. everything serves as an excuse.

Well, O-Pitblast understands all of that and also understand that something needed to be changed! For it was launched the FIRST Blasting Process KPI Control System and it is called: O-Pitblast Analytics

O-Pitblast Analytics concentrates all the information from blast plans and real data from the field. It is linked with O-Pitblast App (iOS/Android) that allows the collection of field data such as:

  • Kg’s/hole

  • Hole’s length

  • Kg’s loaded

  • Load issues

  • Stemming length

  • Safety alerts

  • Watered holes

  • Re-drills

In O-Pitblast Analytics you can match different types of KPI’s, control if you’re operation if following the plan or not – and if not, why that is happening.

If you think this is amazing just watch the following video and you’ll understand much better all the ideas behind this system.

Best regards,

The O-Pitblast Team For any question or trial please contact me through


Pedro Pereira

O-Pitblast ®

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